SEAMEO BIOTROP Annual Biodiversity Conservation Photo Competition


SEAMEO BIOTROP believes that conservation of the region’s biodiversity is everyone’s responsibility. Recognizing the unique and rich biological resources we have and understanding their real values are critical considerations toward having more meaningful conservation efforts. Photo documentation is one practical way towards actualizing this purpose. It is for this reason that SEAMEO BIOTROP is launching this regional biodiversity conservation photo competition.

This annual competition is among the special initiatives of SEAMEO BIOTROP under its 9th Five-Year Development Plan (2012-2017). In general, the contest aims to usher greater public awareness and support to biodiversity conservation efforts in Southeast Asia. Different themes will be featured for every competition year that would build upon each other towards achieving the contest objective. Other than generating a database of quality photographs of the region’s biodiversity, the competition is expected to surface biodiversity conservation concerns from the public’s perspectives that need more policy and research interventions and financial support from governments and development organizations.

SEAMEO BIOTROP is launching the competition this year with the theme “The Beauty and Uniqueness of My Country’s Tropical Biological Resources.”

For Information Future : Conservation Photo Competition

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