Abstrack : 7th ARRCN Symposium on Asian Raptor

Current Information on Migratory raptor and its conservation efforts in Indonesia


Asman Adi Purwanto1, Zaini Rakhman1, Agus Sriyadi B. Sutito & Ikeu Srirejeki2

1)       Raptor Indonesia; Jl. Tumenggung Wiradiredja No. 216 Cimahpar, Bogor 16155, West Java, Indonesia. Email: asmanadi@raptorindonesia.org , zaini@raptorindonesia.org

2)       Dit.KKH-PHKA Ministry of Forestry Indonesia,  Manggala Wanabakti Building Blok IV. 7 Floor JL, Gatot Subroto, Jakarta – Indonesia – 10270 asbsutito@yahoo.com , ikeusrirejeki@yahoo.com

Abstract: Several references mention that from 56 species of migratory raptors in Asia, 25 of them are recorded in Indonesia. We compiled current observation data on 2010 which collected from several locations in Sumatera, Jawa, Kalimantan, Bali and Lombok Strait that recorded approximately 55,657 Individuals  which dominated by Chinese Goshawk Accipiter soloensis 78,36%, Oriental Honey Buzzard Pernis ptilorhychus dan Japanase Sparrowhawk Accipiter gularis. In other hand, more than 230,214 Individuals was record crossed over Sangihe Island from Philippine to Wallacea region.

Information of wintering area of migratory raptors in Indonesia recorded by Syartinilia et.al. 2010 based on satellite tracking on several individual of Oreintal Honey Buzzard. Other research was conducted by Cahyono et.al. 2011 based on visual observation on Migratory Osprey Pandion haliaetus haliaetus in Central Java.

Indonesia archipelagos are one of important sites for several migratory raptors in Asia as migration route, stop over and wintering area. However, those migratory species in Indonesia are little known due to lack research activities. In other hand, almost raptor communities in Indonesia still have high pressure with many various limited factors.

Conservation efforts has been conducted by Raptor Indonesia in collaboration with other organization such as; a) Continuing Monitoring on Raptor Migration in Indonesia, b) Establishment networking for monitoring raptor migration; c) Identification of important area/location for migratory raptors in Indonesia such as location of migration routes, stop-over and wintering area; d). increase public awareness on important values of conservation efforts on raptor migration and their important location in Indonesia through out Raptor Festival in several potential locations;  e). An initiation for inclusion of Raptor Migratory into EAAFP (East-Asia Australia Flyway Partnership).

Key word: Migratory raptors, Indonesia archipelagos, conservation

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