Indonesia : Rajaudang Meninting

Scientific name : Alcedo meninting Horsfield, 1821

Subspecies and Distribution: 

source: Internet Bird Collection 

  • coltarti Stuart Baker, 1919 – S India (except Kerala), and Nepal E to Myanmar, Thailand and Indochina.
    phillipsi Stuart Baker, 1927 – Kerala and Sri Lanka.
  • rufigastra Walden, 1873 – Andaman Is.
  • scintillans Stuart Baker, 1919 – S Myanmar (S Tenasserim) and N peninsular Thailand.
  • verreauxii De La Berge, 1851 – S peninsular Thailand and Malaysia S to Riau Archipelago, Bangka and Belitung, and E to Borneo, Palawan, Sulu Is.
  • meninting Horsfield, 1821 – Sumatra, including islands off W coast, and Java E to Lombok, also Sulawesi and Banggai and Sula Is.

Conservation status : Least Concern [ LC ]



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