Black-thighed Falconet

Indonesia : Alapalap Capung

Scientifi name : Microhierax fringillarius Drapiez, 1824, Synonim: Falco fringillarius  HBW 2, p. 256

Sometimes regarded as race of M. caerulescens, but plumage distinct, with no intergradation recorded. Monotypic.
Distribution: S Burma (S Tenasserim) and S Thailand through Peninsular Malaysia to Sumatra, Borneo, Java and Bali.

Threats and Conservation status

Threats include forest fires and pesticides. Decreases in numbers of tree- nesting corvids and raptors also may limit populations by restricting the availability of nests. Listed as Least Concern by IUCN (2011). Listed in Appendix II of CITES.


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