Somewhat stocky, small to medium-sized birds, short-winged, short-tailed, stout-legged, with straight bill. Many are black or dark; some have much white or color, many have iridescent plumage; many have colorful bare facial skin or wattles; some are crested.

7–17 in (18–43 cm)

Number of genera, species
10 genera, 25 species [ Aplonis 8 species; Sturnus 4 species; Leucopsar 1 species; Acridotheres 2 species; Mino 2; Basilornis 3 species; Streptocitta 2 species; Gracula 1 species; Enodes 1 species; Scissirostrum 1 species ]

Conservation status
Critically Endangered: 1 species; Endangered: 1 species;  Near Threatened: 4 species; Data Deficient: 19 species

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